Bali News Update week 21 N.

A New, Younger You Awaits

Asia’s First ‘Feel Younger Summit’ at Pan Pacific Nirwana June 27, 2014


Asia’s first “Feel Younger Summit – a Health and Wellness Event” presented for the over-40s, Generation-X and Baby Boomers will take place on June 27, 2014 at the Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort near Bali’s fabled Tanah Lot Temple.


The inspiring, jam-packed full-day 'Feel Younger Summit' of seminars and speakers comes with complimentary juice and fruit breaks, a healthy lunch, a goodie bag (value $300), and inclusive sunset cocktail with live entertainment. 


Participants can alo win prizes while getting motivated, viewing useful and educational exhibits, and have the opportunity to sign-up for a customized “Feel Younger Health Program.”


This event has been designed for those interested in their own health and wellness and of those around them.


“Feel Younger Summit –a Health and Wellness Event” will bring to Bali an international line-up of leading health and wellness experts, including:

Shannan Ponton - global celebrity fitness coach and host of the most-viewed TV show in Australia 'The Biggest Loser' - speaking on motivation, exercise, weight loss and nutrition.

Dr Jenny Brockis - global authority on brain fitness and author of the book series 'How to Future Proof your Brain'.

Dr Richard DeAndrea, - surgeon, naturopath, stem cell therapy advisor and expert on global health trends and the future of healthcare.

Dr Thomas Lodi – sharing insights on the cutting edge of cancer prevention by combining conventional and alternative methodologies.

Also in Bali will be bevy of other world-class guest speakers, researchers and exhibitors. Those attending will obtain insights on subjects ranging from mind set, proper exercise and future-proofing your brain, to healthy nutrition and the latest in stem cell and anti-aging therapies.


Also slated to be on hand on June 27th will be the contestants of the 'Publican's Challenge' - a 12-week wellness program that has transformed the lives of four well-known Bali hospitality personalities. The challenge participants will share details of how they lost as much as 15 kilograms, 17 centimeters around their waists and 6 years in body age in only a few weeks,.


For program details visit the “Feel Younger Summit” Website. 


Cost and Tickets


Only 37 early bird tickets featuring a US$50 discount remain available on a first-come-first-served basis. Pre-discount tickets are priced at US$247 each.


For more information and to arrange ticket delivery in Bali telephone ++62-(0) 8133 832 5637.


Accommodation packages are also available via the event the website or Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort.


For bulk orders, accommodation and group packages, please contact or telephone +62-(0)813383-25637.


Unwanted Change

Bank Indonesia Says Increase in Bogus Rupiah Notes Circulating in Bali


The Jakarta Globe reports an increased amount of counterfeit Indonesian rupiah is now in circulation in Bali. 


Based on Bank Indonesia reports for Q1 2014, Ignatius Adi Nugroho who serves as the Bank’s managers for Bali and Nusa Tenggara said, ??“The counterfeit banknotes found in circulation were Rp 100,000 [$9] and Rp 50,000 — smaller banknotes that are rarely seen.”


The Bank recovered 1,064 banknotes during the first 3 months of 2014, 15% more that in the same period of 2013. 


Officials blamed the increase on the added cash in circulation during an election year and the cash handouts made by politicians in the practice of illegal “money politics.”


In a separate report, says that the Jakarta Police recently arrested a group of counterfeiters that included a member of a legislator’s re-election campaign team. 


Bank Indonesia has commenced a program in Bali to train cashiers and other handling large sums of cash to be better able to detect counterfeit notes.


Forgetting to Share

Provincial Shareholding and Missing Dividends In Bali Hyatt in Sanur Now Under Intense Review reports that efforts by a special committee of the Bali House of Representatives (DPRD-Bali) and the Bali office of the National Land Agency (BPN) to clarify the status of provincial property assets intermingled in the assets of the Hotel Bali Hyatt in Sanur have yet to come to a clear accord.


The chairman of the special investigative committee, Made Arjaya, said on Monday, May 26, 2014: “We shall continue to search for the assets of the province of Bali concealed within the Bali Hyatt Sanur. The land holding of the province that have been invested in the Hotel Bali Hyatt have never earned a dividend since their investment in 1971.”


Because of that, he said, his committee must continue its search for the proper documentation that will clarify the location and size of the land assets of the province used by the Bali Hyatt for the past forty years and the money due to province in unpaid dividends.


“We hope to clearly record the assets of the province and who controls those assets at the moment, avoid this matter having to be taken up by the State Audit Board at some point in the future," said Arjaya.


The special committee headed by Arjaya has asked the National Land Agency (BPN) to assist in the search for clarification of the assets now inter-mingled with the holdings of the Hyatt Hotel in Sanur.


The matter of the missing assets of the provincial government of Bali within the Hyatt project surfaced when the hotel decided to close for two years renovation, resulting in disagreements with staff over severance terms. When local legislators took up the cause on the behalf of the affected workers at the hotel, questions were raised asking exactly what percentage of the hotel the province of Bali owns.


The provincial lands used by the Hotel Hyatt Sanur project are believed to exceed more than one hectare. Record keeping by the Hotel since a deal was struck with the Province in 1971 has been unclear and confused, claims Arjaya.


The land was given to the Hotel by the province as the provincial governments shareholding in the project.


Apparently, the hotel has never provided the Province with a shareholders’ report or paid a single dividend to the people of Bali.


Keeping Bali’s Tourism Image Clean

Governor Calls for a Crackdown on Illegal Tour and Travel Operators in Bali


The Bali Daly (The Jakarta Post) reports that the governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, has ordered a crackdown on illegally operating tour and travel agencies in Bali, claiming illegal travel operators are damaging the island’s tourism image.


Said Pastika: “We are sometimes too soft. It is time that we be firm. Shut down illegal businesses and arrest the owners if they have violated the law.”


Citing tourism as a major contributor to Bali’s image as a world tourism destination and the “backbone” of the Island’s economy, the Governor alluded to the recent failure of the brakes on a tourist bus that killed four tourists from Mainland China. Adding: “Therefore, the transportation agency will have to check and recheck every tour vehicle, as this is about the safety of tourists.” 


Pastika is asking business association to submit their membership lists 


Pastika added that business associations would have to submit their member lists and that the media should take it upon themselves to expose illegal companies.


It is unclear what action, if any, will be taken against travel companies operating in grey areas such as tourist information offices and websites selling event management, wedding arrangements and travel without businesses registrations as tour and travel operator.


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Bali Drug Trial Continues for Sydney Resident Leeza Tracey Ormsby


Bali Daily (The Jakarta Post) reports that a New Zealand woman who has been under arrest since February 12, 2014, is now facing the possibility of a 12-year prison sentence for violating Indonesia’s tough anti-narcotics laws.


Leeza Tracey Ormsby, 36, a Sydney resident, was on a Bali holiday at the Villa Askara in Dalung, North Kuta, when she was arrested with 0.3 grams of hashish in her handbag that led police to find another 27.06 grams of hashish and 132,2 grams of ecstasy in the villa where she was a resident.


State Prosecutors are charging the woman with various charges of possession and distributing type-1 narcotics.


Ormsby has claimed the drugs found in the villa were not hers, but leftovers from a drug party held there by its previous tenants. As a result of the woman’s claims, police decided no to charge her with the drugs found in the villa, but only with those in her direct possession.


Ormsby has admitted to police that she is a recreation user drug-user with a predilection for hashish. Marijuana and ketamine. She has also presented evidence that she has been involved in Australian-based drug rehabilitation programs between 2009 and 2013.


A Bali-based psychiatrist has also confirmed the woman to be multiple recreational drug user.


Ormsby’s trial will resume on June 5, 2014.


Shifting Fortunes in Southeast Asian Travel

Bali By the Numbers: Statistical Landscape of Bali Tourism Arrivals Changes in April as Troubles Brew in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam


Foreign tourist arrivals to Bali in April 2014 totaled 274,838 – an increase of 16.49% over April 2014 when 235,027 foreign tourists came to Bali. 


On a cumulative basis for the first four months of 2014, Bali welcomed 1,106,463 foreign tourists, a 14.90% improvement over the same period one-year before.


Extrapolating through the end of 2013 and assuming the 14.90 growth rate is maintained until the end of year Bali can look to achieving something in the order of 3.8 million foreign tourist arrivals.


Major Shifts April Arrivals


Australia –Australian arrivals to Bali remained strong in April. For the first four months of 2014, Australian arrivals hit 280,306 – a number 15.57% ahead of the same four- month period in 2013.


Look for Australian arrivals to get a boost from the coup d’état still underway in Thailand as Australian re-plan their Thai holidays to Indonesia. 


At current rates of growth, Bali may end the year with just fewer than 1 million tourist arrivals from Australia.


Mainland China – PRC visitors to Bali remain especially robust at 191,433 visitors through the first four months of the year, increasing 49.86% over 2013 for the same period.


If the current rate of growth continues unabated, PRC arrivals to Bali will end the year at around 580,000. 


Chinese visitors to Bali should increase as anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam, a distaste for Malaysia in the unresolved MH-370 disaster and political turmoil in Thailand should send greater numbers of Chinese to Indonesia.


Malaysia – Malaysian visitors to Bali have increased 15.18% to 64,873 for the period January-April 2014.


Japan – After a strong start to the year, Japanese visitors have slipped, down 8.39% for January-April 2014 at 59.815. 


Singapore – Singapore arrivals are booming, perhaps as the Island Republic’s predominantly ethnic Chinese populace avoids Thailand and Vietnam.  Singapore visitors to Bali are up 49.53% at 52,385 for January-April 2014.


South Korea – South Korean arrivals have increased 10.14% during the first four months of the year with 44,778 arrivals.


United Kingdom – U.K. arrivals to Bali continue to develop nicely, up 9.81% to 36,279 for January-April 2014. Garuda will commence direct flights from London in September, which could boost numbers even further.


Taiwan – Taiwanese arrivals are now down 7.83% for the first four months of 2014 at 35,506.


U.S.A. – American arrivals are up 7.61% for January-April 2014 at 35,182.


France – French arrivals are up 8.72% for the first four months of 2014 at 32,042.


Germany – German arrivals have increased only 2.62% for the first four months of 2014 at 26,848.


Russia – Russian arrivals have suddenly decreased in April to only 125 visitors. This sudden downturn resulted in a 31.95% decrease in Russian arrivals for January-April 2014 at 24,206.


See the separate related article on Russian arrivals (link below).


India – India arrivals have now surpassed the Dutch market. 23,868 Indians came to Bali in the first four months of 2014 increasing 29.65%.


The Netherlands – Dutch visitors are up 11.64% for January-April 2014 at 20,824.


Bali’s spurt of growth in arrivals is driven primarily from the Asia-Pacific and ASEAN Regions.


Where are the Russians?

Clerical Error or Travel Ban? Where have Bali’s Russian Visitors Gone?


Russian arrivals to Bali in April dipped to only 125 after averaging 8,000 each month January – March.


A near 99% decline in arrivals in a single month in the absence of some overt explanation initially sparks suspicions that a statistical error has taken place.


An article in the Moscow Times suggests the Kremlin “new course of self-imposed isolation” is banning a large number of Russians from traveling abroad.


Russians working for the enormous national security apparatus is just one group finding the liberalized right to travel no longer applies.


Writer Vladimir Ryzhkov even suggests that the Putin government’s desire to create a siege mentality and fuel antagonism for the West is behind a curtailment of travel privileges.


During the draconian Soviet era, very many Russians were not allowed to travel. At that time, only the Communist Party could approve exit permits, deny anyone who might reveal state secrets. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russians became one of the world’s fastest growing travel market. But now, Russia appears to be once again closing its borders for egress of its own people.


The curtailment in travel rights is happening in outright opposition to the new Russian Constitution that absolutely guarantees citizens the right to travel freely.


Bans are being imposed on security workers, people who have unpaid loans, have unpaid back taxes, pay alimony or owe fines.


This affects around 200,000 security workers and an estimated 500,000 more under surveillance from the Federal Bailiff Service that keeps watch on people with outstanding debt.


Russia is now considering also prohibiting travel for draft-dodgers and even people who have not paid traffic fines.


Following the outbreak of the Ukraine crisis, the Russian government suddenly included in a ban on overseas travel employees of the Interior Ministry (1.3 million), Defense Ministry (2 million), Federal Prison Service (326,000), Federal Drug Control Service (40,000), Prosecutor General’s office (63,000), Federal Bailiff service (23,000), Federal Migration Service (34,500), and Emergency Situations Ministry (20,000). 


All in all, around 4 million Russian civil servants can no longer travel abroad.


By some estimates, some 5% of Russia’s total population is now banned from foreign travel.


A Direct Dutch Treat

Garuda Starts Non-Stop Service Five Times a Week Between Jakarta and Amsterdam


Garuda Indonesia has brought Holland as its main European gateway some four hours closers with the commencement of non-stop service between Jakarta and Amsterdam.


The direct flight service has shaved four hours off the previous 18-hour trip from Jakarta to Amsterdam that included an intermediate stop in Abu Dhabi. reports that the non-stop service made its inaugural flight from Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta airport on Thursday, May 29, 2014.


The CEO of Garuda, Emirsyah Satar, boasted that the flight from Jakarta to Europe now only takes 14 hours with the introduction of the new non-stop service.


Garuda is using a brand new Boeing 777-300ER on the new route configured to carry 8 first class passengers, 38 business class passengers and 268 economy class passengers,


The Jakarta to Amsterdam non-stop service will operate five times per week.


The westbound flight GA 088 departs Jakarta at 00:55 am (local rime) arriving in Amsterdam at 9:40 am local time. The return eastbound flight GA 089 departs Amsterdam at 12:36 pm (local time) landing in Jakarta at 07:15 am (local time).


Up High Where the Air is Rarified

Third Australian Flight Disruption in Little More than a Month Disrupts Service at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport


For the third time in little more than a month, an Australian behaving badly on an international flight has been blamed for flight service disruptions at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport.


The latest incident involved an verbally abusive passenger flying on Jetstar JQ35 flying to Melbourne to Bali on Wednesday, May 28, 2014.

The man who aggressively abused service crew on the flight to a degree that the crew decided they were unable and unprepared to work on the return leg to Melbourne.


Unable to secure sufficient, qualified service crew to handle the return flight 267 passengers scheduled to fly to Melbourne were forced to spend an unscheduled night in Bali at the Airline’s expense.


Saying Jetstar had a zero tolerance policy toward unsafe and discourteous behavior, a spokesman said,” Our crew are trained to deal with these situations and handled the incident professionally.”


Because of the nature of the incident that traumatized the crew, the return flight from Bali to Brisbane was cancelled and passengers accommodated for one night at Jetstar’s expenses.


Due to the nature of the incident and in the interest of crew wellbeing, a return flight from Bali to Brisbane was cancelled.


All 267 passengers were provided with accommodation in Bali and have been re-accommodated on services departing today.


Meanwhile, short one service crews to meet minimum staffing requirement of eight crew members, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner flew back to Australia empty.


Details of the assault remain scant, but it is understood that the man was surrendered to immigration authorities in Bali have deported him back to Australia where it is expected he will be handed over to Australian Federal Police for possible further action.


The May 28th incident followed the diversion to Bali of a Scoot Air flight from Sydney to Singapore on May 14th when a husband and wife altercation on the flight resulted in serious injuries. 


On April 25th unruly behavior by 28-year-od Australian, Matt Christopher Lockley, on a Virgin Australia flight from Brisbane to Australia put both the airline and Bali’s airport on a full security alert.


Making Farming Pay in Bali

Bali Seeks to Double Farming Incomes in a Decade


The provincial government of Bali is targeting net incomes for farmers of Rp. 18 million per year (US$1,565) by 2018 – a figure twice the Rp. 9 million earned by agriculturalists in 2009.


The chief of the Farming and Food Crops Service for Bali, Ida Bagus Wisnu Ardhana, said the farmers encompassed by the government’s targets are those working rice terraces, dry rice fields, livestock and including traditional fishermen.


Ardhana told that the average yearly income of farmers in Bali, based on data provided by the Central Statistic Bureau (BPS), now stands at around Rp. 12 million (US$1,043). Adding, “Hopefully, within four years the target set by the government can be achieved.”


Wisnu Ardhana said one way in which the targeted income could be realized is through improvements in the marketing and distribution system so the prices of produce could be improved. “The main obstacle to improving farm incomes, especially for horticultural products, is the problem of marketing, even though a large demand for their product exists,” he explained.


The government continues to try to facilitate meetings between the farmers and the marketplace for their products in order to improve the negotiating position of those working the land. In these meetings the private sector and other end users of farming products confer with farmers discussing way to improve distribution of product and enlarging the margins paid to the farmers.


Pass the Sultanas

Royal Brunei Airlines Resumes Bali Flights in July


After a 10-year absence, Royal Brunei Airlines returns to Bali, Indonesia, starting from July 2014.


The airline of the Sultanate of Brunei will fly between Bali and Brunei four times a week using Airbus A319 aircraft.


The airline pulled out of Bali in 2008 due to a drop in arrival numbers and the lingering threat of a SARS outbreak. 


Royal Brunei deputy chairman Dermot Mannion said: “In our latest studies, Bali has emerged a front-runner in providing connections for key markets in London and Dubai, but also for regional destinations like Hong Kong and Shanghai,” he said.


Royal Brunei Airlines is the alcohol-free airline owned by the Sultanate of Brunei. 


The travel empire owned by the Sultanate, that includes hotels in various locations around the world, is facing a world-wide boycott from those in oppossition to Shariah Law's imposition in Brunei that will, among others, include punishments, such as the amputation of thief's hands and the execution of homosexuals.


At GHM's Be-Hess

Chedi Club Jimbaran Appoints Walter Hess as General Manager


The Chedi Club Jimbaran – set to open in Bali later this year – has appointed a well-experience hotelier to serve as its general manager.


Swiss national Walter Hess with two decades of industry experience will be in charge of the 34-villa property at Jimbaran.


Hess’s most recent posting was as resident manager at the Nam Hai in Hoi An, Vietnam. 


Previous assignments have included hotel assignments in the Caribbean, Canada and Cost Rica.


Hess joined GHM in 2012.


A graduate of the École hôtelière de Lausanne, he has worked after graduation in Geneva and Bern before taking his first overseas assignment in Malaysia with the Hyatt Corporation.


Hess speaks German, French and English with a degree of proficiency in Spanish and Japanese.


The Jimbaran property will occupy a 22,000 square meter site with architectural work by Robert Nation and interiors by Jaya Ibrahim. 


Reigning Cats and Dogs

A Cat and Dog Adopt Each Other in West Bali


While dogs and cats are generally seen as mortal enemies, that is clearly not the case for two animals living in Jimbrana, West Bali.


In the village of Yeh Embang, an adult female Bali Dog owned by Ketut Swiada has lovingly adopted a still-nursing baby kitten.


As reported by and other media, the adult female known by the name of “Macan” (tiger) has whole-heartedly adopted and is actively nursing the baby kitten called “Si Manis” (Sweetie).


All reports and photos of the two suggest the animals consider themselves a mother-daughter combination, with little or no comprehension that that originate from traditionally separate warring factions of the animal kingdom.


Apparently, Macan, who is 1.5-years-old, had recently given birth to two puppies that died shortly after delivery. Hormonally and emotionally ready for motherhood, the Bali dog immediately took a shine to the tiny kitten given to the household by a neighbor.


Said Ketut Swiada: “Ever since I brought the kitten home, my dog followed it everywhere and began to give its milk to the cat. The two are inseparable from morning to night. The dog keeps seeking the kitten. The dog had just lost two of it puppies. Perhaps she remembers the puppies when it sees the cat.”


The dog is not only eager to nurse the cat, but also reserve part of its solid food for the adopted kitten. Each night the two animals sleep with each other.


Photo courtesy of State News Agency Antara.


But, Never, Never on a Sunday

Car Free Zone in Downtown Denpasar Every Sunday a Big Success with Bali Residents


The imposition of “car free status” every Sunday between 6:00-10:00 am on certain sections of downtown Denpasar has proven a great success with the public.


The roads surrounding the Margarana Puputan Nitimandala Field are closed to vehicular traffic for four hours so the public can walk, roller-skate, skateboard and ride bicycles in an unhurried and pollution-free environment.


DenPost quoted Denpasar residents happily supportive of the program, encouraging city officials to introduce the program in other areas of Denpasar.


The popularity of the program is such that requests are now being made to control the vendors and commercial promotional stand now streaming in great numbers into the area each Sunday.


Each Sunday 20-30 uniformed police are placed at the entrances to the area to prevent motorist trying to violate the vehicle-free area.


Promoting Indonesian Filmmaking at Cannes

Indonesian Team Returns from Cannes FIlm Festival Where They Promoted 8th Balinale October 12-18, 2014


The 8th Annual Balinale International Film Festival will take place in Bali October 12-18, 2014. 


Balinale is increasingly recognized as a film festival that delivers a wide range of events and opportunities targeted at both local and international filmmakers.


The eighth edition of Balinale has adopted as its theme “Women in Film.”


An Indonesian team has just returned from the Cannes Film Festival in where from May 14-25, 2014, Indonesian films, the many attractions of Indonesia as a film location and the Balinale were actively promoted.


Arif Syarif, a member of the organizing committee of Balinale told the State News Agency Antara, “We tried to promoted the Balinale held since 2007 to the world film industry in Cannes.”


Balinale 2014 will be held in conjunction with the American Film Showcase & Sundance Institute, coordinated through the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta.


The Balinale will present a forum for the international film industry, seminars, special film programs for children and a film competition.


Established in 2007 by Bali Taksu Indonesia Foundation, co-founders Christine Hakim and Deborah Gabinetti see film as a viable means of promoting Indonesia, the Country’s creative individuals and essential support industries.


Filmmakers from Europe, America ad Southeast Asia are expected to travel to Bali to join the festivities of the 8th Annual Balinale.


Bali Targets 6% Growth for all of 2014

Bali’s Economy Better than the National Average quotes the spokesman for the Province of Bali, I Ketut Teneng, saying he is optimistic that Bali’s economy will grow and improve in 2014.


The Bali economy grew between 5.8%-6.2% in Q-1 2014, somewhat higher than the national average of 5.6%-6%


Teneng cites the trade, hotel and restaurant, agricultural, construction, transport and financial sectors as the promising for Bali in the current year.


Teneng added, “Rp. 8.26 trillion (US$718 million) in new investments out of a targeted Rp. 18.90 trillion have been realized already in Q-1 2014.” 


The provincial spokesman also mentioned significant advances had been made in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. In 2013, the number of small and medium sized entrepreneurs increased 11%.


Adopting a National Identity

Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTD) Rebrands to Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)


The Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) – the State-owned company operating the Nusa Dua Complex in South Bali has rebranded itself as the Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC).


The shareholders voted to rename the company in order to more correctly reflect its portfolio of projects that now extend beyond Bali.


Lombok is the next are being developed by the ITDC using a 400-hectare plot to become home to five-star resort properties. The Lombok project will have its own infrastructure backbone, able to produce 5 megawatts of power and a system of roads and other public services.


The ITDC Nusa Dua project now has 4,129 rooms spread across a wide range of international and national brands. The self-contained complex is also home to a hospital, golf course and a shopping and entertainment complex.


Halfway There

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Monument 50% Built - Targeted for Completion in 2016


Suara Pembaruan reports that the construction of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Monument at Bukit Ungasan on the Nusa Dua peninsula is nearly 50% complete.


Nyoman Nuarta, the designer of the monument, confirmed the project is now half-completed with deliveries of statue elements arriving once every three weeks from Bandung, West Java in a convoy of 12 trucks.


If completed on schedule in 2016, the GWK statue will stand 126 meters high with a wingspan of 64 meters. The total cost of the project is put at Rp. 450 billion (US$39.1 million).


The new monument is located some 300 meters from the earlier, temporary monument. The final construction is comprised of two parts. The 3,000-ton upper structure made of copper with the crown and the mythical Garuda bird highlighted in gold. The pedestal on which the monument stands occupies a space of 30,000 square meters and house a multi-purpose conference room, a gallery and an Indonesian cultural museum.


The breast of the Garuda Statues will hold a high-elevation viewing gallery providing a views to both sides of Bali. 


First started in the early 1990s, the GWK monument is a joint share holding between the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) (18%) and private investors 82%. 


The project has stalled on several occasions in the pasr due to a lack on ongoing funding and disagreements between competing factions.


Grazing Closer to Home

Bali Farmers Association Wants Imports of Vegetable, Fruits and Meat Controlled


The Indonesian Farmers Association for Bali (HKTI-Bali) is calling on tourism businesses, especially hotels, to be required to absorb 100% of local farm products.


Professor Dr. I Nyoman Suparta, the chairman of HKTI-Bali told Bali Post: “They (the hotels) import a great deal from overseas, but we in Bali also have an agricultural sector that must be protected. One way to do this is by absorbing Bali’s farm produce.”


Suparta claims that the tourism sector in Bali only manages to absorb 50-60% of the products produced by Bali’s farmers.


Bali’s tourism sector, however, does manage to absorb 80% of the poultry and eggs produced on the Island. 


“We want that 100% of the (tourism’s) need for agricultural products be taken from local farmers. It should not be like the current situation where many locally produced agricultural products remain unused. For instance, we have a high production level of local beef,” explained Suparta.


Suparta called on the tourism sector not to take cover by citing the weaknesses of Bali’s farming sector. Adding: “I am not anti-import, but we must think more about how to make agriculture and livestock profitable and productive.”


An agricultural expert from Bali’s Udayana University, Putu Anom, said that contracts for the mandatory use of local agricultural products can be made between the Island’s tourism sector and HKTI-Bali, supported by government regulations. Anom added: “Tourists holidaying in Bali also feel deprived, complled to eat products imported from their home countries. Tourism operators must take note. Why not use local produce and fruit in accordance with their seasonality?”


Anom insists that foreign tourists visiting Bali come in search of new flavors and experiences not available in their home country. This curiosity, he adds, extends not only to cuisine, but also includes matters of accommodation, fruits and produce.


Saying that there is great potential for the absorption of local agricultural products, Anom said: “(Use of local products) needs to be supported by regulations limiting the importation of fruit, vegetables and meats. The province needs to make rules requiring the purchase of local agriculture and limiting the use of imported products.”


Bali’s Coming Glut of Condotels

Most of Bali’s Choice Seaside Property Now in the Hand of Non-Balinese Property Developers


Bali Post quotes a Balinese property investor, I Gede Suardita, observing that the price of seaside property in Bali has “gone crazy” because of the fierce competition by developers to grab up every remaining piece of seaside land in Bali’s south.


As a natural consequence of the "land grab" Suardita is predicting that a large number of condotels will be built along all of Bali’s beaches in the coming few years.


Suardita, who serves as the vice-chairman for the Payments and Taxation Committee of the Bali Branch of the Indonesian Real Estate Association (REI-Bali), emphasized that most seaside lots of land are owned by investors from outside Bali, saying the shoreline from Kuta Beach to Soka Beach is now in the hands of investors. Adding: “We have merely become spectators because we lack the capital. This is even more the case as tourism development surges, further fueling the appetite for business development in Bali.”


The director of PT Ski Land Development, Gede Semadi Putra, also admits that most investors and developers of condotels in Bali originate from outside the Island. At the same time, he concedes that these new investors are helping to power the Balinese economy with their new injections of cash.


Semadi said he hopes Bali’s new investors will follow zoning and building regulations. He also called on the local governments to closely supervise new projects and take stern action when violations are discovered.



A Sunset on High Crime?

Bag Snatchers on Jalan Sunset in Bali Causing Death and Injuries


A 50-year-old New Zealand man suffered a broken wrist  in yet another bag-snatching incident on Jalan Sunset in Kuta.


William Vincent (50) was riding a rented motorcycle on Jalan Sunset when two men on a motorcycle drove alongside and grabbed his leather satchel. The struggle caused Vincent to lose balance and fall from his motorcycle while the two thieves sped off.


As a result of the fall, Vincent suffered a broken left wrist and a number of contusions and lacerations. 


The incident that occurred early on the morning of Thursday, May 22, 2014, saw Vincent suffer a loss of nearly US$500 in cash and personal electronic devices.


Police continue to investigate the robbery-assault.


A similar incident on the same road less than one month before caused the death of an 18-year-old South Korean woman


Smile! You're on Crime Watch

Police Call on Villa Owners to Install CCTV Security Systems


The Bali Police are urging the management of villas in Bali install CCTV cameras to reduce criminal attacks on the island’s villas.


The Bali Police spokesperson, Hery Wiyanto, told NusaBali that the installation of CCTV systems would help police solve crimes ioccurring at Bali villas.


The police are also asking that the CCTV systems be connected to Bali police headquarters.


Police say the presence of CCTV systems helps not only to deter crime but also assists in solving criminal incidents occurring at hotels and villas where they are installed.


Wiyanto’s recommendations come after a brutal murder of an English woman in a rented villa in Ubud on May 22, 2104.


More Carnage on Bali’s Roads

French National Dies in Traffic Mishap in Seminyak, Bali

A 61-year-old French national, Marie Andre Rivier, died on Monday, May 26, 2014, in a traffic mishap on Jalan Raya Seminyak at 9:50 pm.


Rivier was driving a motorcycle in a southerly direction on Jalan Raya Seminyak when the French citizen tried to overtake another vehicle in front of The Haven Hotel. 


In the process of overtaking, the driver of the motorcycle lost control and fell to the pavement where an oncoming driver in an all-purpose-vehicle struck Rivier.


The driver of the oncoming vehicle fled the scene and is being sought by police.


Rivier, who suffered severe head injuries, died the following morning after admission to the Siloam Hospital.


Certifiable Bules

Bali’s Badung Regency to Require Foreign Workers to Present Certificates of Professional Competency


A meeting held at the Badung regency House of Representatives (DPRD-Badung) to discuss additions and changes to labor laws, has decided that coming regulations will require foreign workers in the region to present certificates of professional competency in order to be granted a work permit.


The head of the Special Committee on Labor Regulations, Made Retha, told NusaBali that while such a certificate was not required in the past, foreign workers would soon be required to demonstrate competency during the work permit application process.


At the same time, Retha said that he urged local employers not to overlook employing local workers who often possess the same skills as foreign workers.


Indonesia’s Bubbling Ring of Fire

Mount Sangeang Volcano Eruption Disrupting Eastern Indonesia and Darwin Flights


The eruption on Friday, May 30, 2014 of the Mount Sangeang Volcano – a mid-sea volcanic island north of the Island of Sumbawa – continues to disrupt both domestic and international flights in the region.


The majority of flights operating in and out of Darwin in northwest Australia were cancelled on Saturday, May 31, and Sunday, June 1, 2014.


Darwin airport officials confirmed that domestic and international Jetstar services, and domestic flights operated by Virgin and Qantas were cancelled on Saturday and Sunday.


Fights operated into Darwin by Malaysian Airlines, Silkair and Qantas were also affected by the eruption.


Darwin flight operations appeared to be returning largely to normal on Monday, June 2, 2014 Jetstar resumed all flight to and from Darwin at 4:30 local time on June 1, 2014. 


Two volcanic cloud created by the volcano and threatening aviation is moving in a southeasterly direction over the Kimberly’s and Top End of Australia. The clouds affecting Australian airspace measured 14 kilometers across and at its uppermost reach was 50,000 feet high. 


A third cloud, northeast of Bali, will not affect Australian airspace but may pose a hazard to some domestic and international flights operating into Bali.


The volcanic cloud that had moved close to Bali on Monday is causing delays and cancellation on some Australian flights to Bali and a number of domestic Indonesian flight to eastern Indonesia. 


Denpasar's flight status board on Monday, June 2, 2014, showed many Australian flights delayed or cancelled notices, with the situation changing by the hour.


In Indonesia the volcanic cloud caused Garuda Indonesia to suspend a number of its eastern Indonesian flight. Saturday and Sunday flights and their returns legs that were cancelled included:

Denpasar to Labuan Bajo (Flores), Ende (Flores) and Kupang

Denpasar to Tambolaka (Sumba) and Kupang

Jakarta to Mataram (Lombok) and Kupang

Jakarta to Denpasar and Kupang

Members of the public with flights destination in Easter Indonesia or Australia are reminded that the situation remains fluid and travelers should contact the airline involved for the latest update on schedule changes.


No injuries or fatalities have been reported in connection with volcano’s explosion.


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