Bali News Update week 52 N.


The Dangers of Roadside Relief

Two Western Australian Men Make a Quick Exit from Bali After Being Taken to Task for Urinating in Public Places


Two Australian men ran afoul of local law and custom when they sought roadside relief and decided to urinate near a religious shrine and inside a local shop in the Cangggu area of Bali.


Timothy O'Hehir (26) and his brother Scott O'Hehir (22) were confronted on Friday, December 19, 2014, by I Wayan Mudipa, the Balinese owner of the Apa Kabar Restaurant, who saw them urinating in public near an ancestral shrine and inside one of his shop fronts. An altercation ensued that saw the Balinese have his glasses and wristwatch broken, and suffer a head contusion. The Australian also suffered cuts and contusions requiring 12 stitches from a local medical center as the result of being set upon by Mudita and a group of angry locals.


Police traced the to Australians to their accommodation address in Bali where they were taken into custody for processing for assault and desecration of a religious site that could have sent both men to prison for four years.


After spending a period in police custody, the two men formally apologized by signing an undertaking witnessed by the police agreeing to pay restitution to Mudita for injuries, damages and a cleansing ceremony that was needed for his family's ancestral temple. Mudipa and the two O'Hehir men were filmed smiling and shaking hands beofre the press.


When the two Australian men were released from jail and safely back in Australia, they began to tell a different story to Australian press, claiming that they were the victims of an aggressive attack by the Balinese restaurateur.


They did, however, did admit that stopping to relieve themselves in a public space was "a poor choice" they regretted.


Australian press reports identified Scot O'Hehir as working as a director of Human Resources for Checkside in Perth and Timothy O'Hehir as working as a dentist in Singapore for the Raffles Medical Group. The Raffles Group have contact Bali Update to deny that O'Hehir is employed by their organization.



Keeping the Ladies of Bali in the Pink

Hard Rock Bali Hotel Donates Rp. 90 Million to Fight Breast Cancer in Bali


Shane Coates, general manager of Hard Rock Hotel Bali, handed a check for Rp. 90 million (US$7,500) to the Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation on December 5, 2014.

is year in line with Hard Rock philanthropic 'Take Time to be Kind,' I'm proud to say that we are donating Rp. 90,000,000 proceeds from the record-breaking 'Rock 'N Run' 14th Chapter to the Bali Pink Ribbon, where the money will be channeled to women with breast Cancer in Bali," explained Coates.


Bali Pink Ribbon is a local initiative of people united to battle breast cancer through education, medical examination and treatment.


Rock 'N Run is an annual charity event held by Hard Rock Hotel Bali as part of its corporate social commitment to "Take Time to Be Kind."


More than 1,200 people participated in the charity run held on November 2, 2014. Another 700 people made cash donations to the event.



When Men Shouldn't Carry Purses in Bali

Purse Snatcher Snatched by Angry Local Crowd in Seminyak, Bali  reports that a 29-year-old man from Jember, East Java, Efan Efendi, was beaten by a group of angry locals who captured him in the act of stealing the handbag of Australian Ashlee Watkins on Sunday, December 21, 2014 in Seminyak, Bali.


The incident took place at approximately 10:00 p.m. with the thief spared from possibly fatal injuries by a passing patrol of police officers from the Kuta police precinct.


Intervening to extract the hapless thief from the crowd's anger, police took the Efendi for treatment for a range of cuts and contusions before booking him into a holding cell at the Police precinct.


The woman, whose bag was taken by Efendi was staying at a villa in the Seminyak area of Bali, was attacked while walking near the Bintang Supermarket. Screams for assistance alerted local residents who gave pursuit and captured the purse-snatcher.


Police have taken the stolen purse, the motorcycle used by Efendi and the accused culprit into custody while the case is processed for crimes that carry a maximum 5 years imprisonment.



Health and Happiness in Bali in the New Year

Bali Health Department to Enhance Public Health Services in 2015


The Bali Provincial Health Service has pledged to enhance its services to the public in 2015.


As part of the Island's Mandara development vision that embraces a "healthy Bali," plans to improve health services in 2015 were outlined by Dr. Ketut Suarjaya, the Chief of the Provincial Health Service on Monday, December 22, 2014.


Signaling a shift in focus, Dr. Suarjaya said his Department would seek not only to treat illness, but also dedicate itself to improving public health through preventative medical measures. "Efforts to prevent illness are not solely the Government's duty. The public plays a large role in protecting themselves from a number of illnesses," explained Suarjaya.


Bali's position as an internationally famous tourism destination is also susceptible to a number of contagious diseases, such as MERS-COV, Ebola and Avian Flu.


In anticipation of this threat, Bali has stationed disease control officers at its air gateway; and the ports of Padang Bai, Benoa and Gilimanuk.


The Bali Health Department said they were also preparing to offer a competitive level of service and personnel with the region as Indonesia enters into the era of free trade and free movement of workers ushered in by the ASEAN Free Trade Zone.


As part of this program, Bali's Health Department is pushing for hospitals in Bali to receive professional accreditation.



Northern Migrations

Garuda Indonesia to Launch New Direct Service Between Bali and Manado In February 2015 quotes the general manager of Garuda Indonesia in Manado, Dedy Irawan, saying that the Indonesian National Airline will open direct flights between Bali and Manado, North Sulawesi in 2015.


“We plan to open direct flights from Manado to Bali at the end of February 2015,” said Dedy on Monday, December 22, 2014 in Manado. He said demand from consumers in both directions of the new flight was sufficiently strong to profit both destinations.


Dedy said that economic development in North Sulawesi was well above the national average and this fact has prompted Garuda to undertake expansion to that region. That many people in Bali have a strong interest in visiting North Sulawesi has also been a factor in deciding to commence the new direct service.



Job Hopping to Harpers

Harper Kuta Bali Hotel Announces Two Senior Management Appointments


Harper Kuta Bali Hotel has announced the appointment of David Priambowo as general manager and Chossy Muhar as food and beverage manager.

iambowo was born and raised in Nganjuk, East Java. Still in East Java, David earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality from Balai Pelatihan Kerja Surabaya.


Commencing his hospitality career in 2003, he has rapidly risen through the ranks from his start as a room attendant, winning an award as “Best Employee of 2003” from an international hotel chain. A decade later, he has attained the rank of general manager working with the Santika Group and Park Regis Bali.


“I am absolutely delighted to join the family of Harper Kuta Bali Hotel, a member of Archipelago International Indonesia. The Opportunity to lead Harper Kuta professional team is a simply dream come true for me”, says David Priambowo, general manager of Harper Kuta Bali Hotel. “And as our tagline ‘An Extraordinary Hotel in an Extraordinary Location’, the team and I look forward to continuing to develop our reputation both for loyal returners and those discovering us for the first time visit experience to the one of famous area in Bali, Kuta –Legian”.


In his spare time, David likes to cycle and watches movies with family.


Chossy Muhar graduated from the Medan Tourism Academy and joins Harper Kuta Bali Hotel as the food and beverage manager following a posting in the same position at the Best Western Kuta Villa Bali. Earlier hotel appointments include senior food and beverage assignments with major chain hotels, among which are numbered the Accor Group. Chossy will oversee the daily operations of the hotel’s food and beverage division, including the popular Rustik Bistro & Bar.



In God’s Name

Bali Toll Operators Sacrifice Animals into Benoa Bay to Seek Divine Protection in 2015


Coinciding with the date of the New Moon, PT Jasamarga Bali Toll held a mulang pakelem ceremony to seek protection from the cosmos over the coming year. reports that the offerings that included a number of live animals tossed into the sea of Benoa Bay were made to the God of the Sea (Baruna).


The religious ritual, held on Monday, December 22, 2014, was attended by many of the employee of the toll road and held at the roundabout at the entrance of Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in the parking area of the Pura Karangasem Desa Adat Tuban Badung Bali.


Led by Ida Pedanda Putra Bajing, the ceremony commenced at 10:00 a.m. with joint prayers by the employees of PT Jasamarga Bali Toll and PT Jalantol Lingkar Luar Jakarta. Later live animals comprised of ducks, chickens and a black goat were thrown live into the sea from the entrance bridge to the toll near Benoa harbor.


IGLB Wira Wibawa, a technical manager for PT Jasamarga Bali Toll and a Balinese Hindu who help supervised the ceremony explained the ritual. saying: “Our desire is that for those of us who work on the sea on the Bali Mandira Toll Road can be granted protection and ease from all disturbances in performing our duties by the Almighty Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. We seek this protection both now and throughout all of 2015.”



Cry Freedom!

Freedom: A Solo Exhibition by Made Wianta Through January 20, 2015 at Gaya Art Space in Ubud


Gaya Art Space in Sayan, Ubud presents “FREEDOM” by Made Wianta  - a series of artworks inspired by absolute freedom of thought and creativity or, as described by the artist – “being free as a bird.”


To Wianta, birds are symbols of freedom, peace, strength and higher knowledge.


Indonesia’s Garuda is a large mythical bird drawn from Hindu and Buddhist mythology, viewed as a mighty being that can fly above us all to fight crimes and to protect the weak.


Similarly, pigeons have been utilized to carry important messages across country since the time of ancient Persia. In the same vein, doves are seen as a symbol of peace honored by artist Pablo Picasso with title “Peace.”


The Indonesian Cendrawasih (bird of paradise) is reserved for use by pedanda (BalineseHindu priest) to enhance sacred ceremonies through the bird’s ability to bring peace and supportive cosmic vibration. The Bird of Paradise symbolizes happiness in marriage in Chinese calligraphy.


Continuing on this ornithological bent, the Phoenix in Greek mythology is a bird that obtains new life by rising from the ashes.


The symbolic and metaphoric meaning of birds is at the core of the current exhibition by renowned Balinese artists Made Wianta,


In the exhibition “Freedom” Wianta’s most striking work that of a Red Bird. To this Balinese artist, the Red Bird epitomizes freedom and bravery.



An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture by Made Wianta

Gaya Art Space

Jalan Raya Sayan, Ubud, Bali

Daily Through January 20, 2015 from 7:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.




Where to Eat in a Pinch

The Holy Crab – Louisiana-Inspired Seafood Restaurant Takes on Bali


Albert Wijaya, executive chef and owner of The Holy Crab is bringing his successful restaurant format from Jakarta to Bali.

Louisiana-inspired seafood selected from the best local and premium imported seafood. Holy Crab is famous for its spicy Cajun sauces, delicious crustaceans, sweet corn and cold beer At Holy Crab they don't stand on ceremony – encouraging customers to don a bib and delve in with two fists, savoring the tasty sauces and succulent seafood that grace their tables.


The Holy Crab in Bali is scheduled to open on January 14, 2015 in Petitenget on Seminyak Beach. A welcomed rarity among eateries in that area, The Holy Crab promises ample parking that leads into a Louisiana-style ambiance where informal, classic Southern hospitality is the order of the day.


“I am very excited about the opening of our second restaurant after only just one year of operating in Jakarta. There has been such a great response to The Holy Crab from food lovers in Jakarta that we are bringing the whole concept and experience to Bali. It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of Bali’s culinary scene that has a broader international audience. The restaurant will have 150 seats and we will continue to implement The Holy Crab’s three main elements, namely a wide variety of seafood, our signature homemade sauce and our unique serving style,” says Albert Wijaya.


“The combination of world-class seafood and traditional Louisiana cooking techniques together with a chic, yet comfortable dining vibe, are just some of the key factors that will set The Holy Crab apart. The choice of seafood that we offer will range from your everyday-affordable local selections to imported exotic crabs, ensuring that our menu can be enjoyed for all occasions,” Albert continued. “The whole dining experience at The Holy Crab is fun and exciting. Every order arrives at the table in a massive plastic bag doused in the restaurant’s signature sauce. There are no plates or utensils, only shellfish crackers and shell openers are provided, so everyone must be prepared to get their hands dirty.”


The restaurant will open daily from 5:00 pm - 11.00 pm and the bar will open daily from 5:00 p.m. – midnight.



Biting Commentary

Bali Health Officials Seek to Control Dog Population and Increase Anti-Rabies Vaccination Programs


The State News Agency Antara reports that the Bali Provincial Health Department continues to try to control the canine population in Bali in order to reduce the number of dog bite incidents and the accompanying threat of rabies.


“In order to reduce the number of bites and the cause of rabies we need to control the dog populations,” said the chief of the Bali Provincial Health Service, Dr. Ketut Suarjaya in Denpasar on Tuesday, December 23, 2014.


Dr. Suarjaya blames the high number of dog bites treated in Bali on the large number of dogs living on the Island.


Saying that pet dogs also pose a threat from rabies, pet owners are reminded by health officials of their responsibility to vaccinate their pets.


Between January to December 2014, Bali recorded 41,891 cases of dog bites were treated at local hospitals and health centers.


The number of dog bites on record in 2014 does, however, show an improving trend. In 2013 some 44,0000 bites were recorded, while 55,000 bites are on record for 2012.


Not every dog that bites a human in Bali is infected with rabies, but anyone bitten by a dog must be tested for rabies and given anti-rabies vaccine, explained Dr. Suarjaya.


In an effort to reduce the number of human deaths from rabies in Bali, the Province has budgeted between Rp. 6 – 9 billion (US$500,000 – US$750,000) to supply anti-rabies vaccine in 2015.


The present stock of anti-rabies vaccine in Bali totals 18,900 vials – a supply sufficient for one month into the future, after which new supplies will need to be stocked.




The Spice of Life

Bali Safari and Marine Park Hosts 5th Annual Chili Festival


The 5th Annual Chili Festival was awash with green and red peppers on December 19-21, 2014 at the Bali Safari & Marine Park in Gianyar, a short drive from Bali’s capital of Denpasar.

r three days at the Park’s Kampung Bali saw the involvement by members of the Indonesian Chefs Association - represented by Chef Henry Alexie Bloem and Chef Agung Putra Dalem, and several well-know local culinary stars including Chef Haryo Pramoe and Chef Ragil Imam Wibowo.


Main events during the three-day event included live cooking sessions, a chili exhibition, and chili making and eating competition. A cook-off with participants vying to create signature chili or sambal creations in keeping with the festival’s “Green and Red Symphony” theme. A special feature of this years Festival was participation by Bali’s royal families from Puri Agung Karangasem, Puri Agung Kerambitan, Puri Agung Gianyar, Puri Agung Kaba-Kaba, Puri Agung Klungkung, and Puri Agung Tabanan who showcased traditional sambal recipes.

the expansive Lobby Barong of the Bali Safari and Marine Park, educational displays shared information detailing the health benefits of chili, explanations of the Scoville scale that scientifically measures “hotness” and practical tips on how to eat chilies without getting burnt.


The aim of this year’s festival, as in years past, was to heighten awareness about traditional Balinese chili and provide the Park’s visitors an opportunity to sample this piquant condiment. At the same time, a bit of Bali’s heritage was preserved for posterity through the recording of royal recipes from Bali’s most esteemed palaces.


“Chili is one of a tradition from Karangasem Royal Family. Every cuisine is always completed by varies of chilies. These chilies are inherited from generation to generation, and we as the heirs are responsible in conserving the tradition, where the chili is an important part for our family,” said A.A. Made Dewandra Reinhart Djelantik, founder of the Chili Festival and a great grandson from the last King of Karangasem Kingdom.


Visit the Bali Safari and Marine Park – Leopard Package



Infectionately Yours

Bali 110 New Cases of HIV/AIDS Recorded Each Month


Dr. Ketut Suarjaya, chief of the Bali Provincial Health Service told the State News Agency Antara that the number of new cases of HIV/AIDS discovered in Bali each month numbers between 100 and 110.


Based on data collected by the Bali Health Department through the end of November 2014 there are now some 10,524 HIV/AID sufferers in Bali.


Of that total, a total of 5,639 are calculated to be infected with HIV and the remaining 4,885 afflicted with AIDS. Expressing his concern that the number of HIV/AIDS sufferers may be even more, Suarjaya added, “These are just the cases reported and there are perhaps many more that remain unreported.”


These total include an estimated 568 people who have died during the course of their struggle with HIV/AIDS.


Dr. Suarjaya blames the spread of HIV/AIDS in Bali on a sub-culture of free sex and the use of non-sterilized needles by intravenous drug users.


Because of the rapid increase of HIV/AIDS cases reported among pregnant women in Bali, the Health Department is urging expectant mothers to take advantage of free testing and counseling programs available in Bali.


The government is also continuing educational outreach programs at schools, universities and to the general public.



Indonesian Tourism Boom Targeted to Continue

Indonesia to Aim for 10 million Tourists in 2015, Growing by 8 Percent


Indonesia has turned in a strong year in terms of foreign tourist arrivals for 2014, recording an interim total of 9.3 million.


Determined to grow its arrival figures, Indonesia is targeting 10 million foreign tourists in 2015, representing a growth rate of 7-8 percent.


According to, Indonesia’s Minister of Tourism, Arief Yahya, announced the ten million target during a press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday, December 23, 2014.


The Minister said he was very confident that when total arrival figures are tallied for 2014 the target of 9.3 million foreign tourists would be exceeded.


Domestic Tourism


The Minister pegged the number of domestic tourism journeys in 2014 at 251 million trips. At the same time he challenged provincial heads that have failed to make tourism a priority, to soon do so. Citing the many benefits of tourism, Yahya praised tourism’s ability to create lucrative employment opportunities.


The Minister also revealed that national tourism contributed 4.01 % of the Gross National Product.



Silent Night, Peaceful Night

Strong Security Measures Ensured Christmas Services in Bali Pass without Incident reports that Bali experienced a peaceful and non-eventful Christmas holiday.


Large deployments of police were present at local churches where members of the elite bomb disposal squad, mobile brigade members and K-9 sniffer dogs worked to ensure all went smoothly for Christian worshippers across the island.


The program of masses at Denpasar's Cathedral were held on Christmas Eve with tight security provided by police from the Denpasar headquarters, Denpasar police precinct, bomb squad and K-9 unity, Armed Forces members, community watch members from Sumerta Kelod and members of the Cathedral’s security team.


Prior to the start of the Christmas Mass, the bomb disposal team, using special detector and two bomb-sniffing dogs, sterilized Bali’s largest Catholic Church.


Bomb disposal officers inspected every pew in the Cathedral and the building’s basement area. Worshippers were also screened and bags checked as people arrived for the service.


No incidents occurred during the various Christian church services held in Bali on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


The 6:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass at the Cathedral in Denpasar saw 600 worshipers fill the existing pews and a further 2,000 took up temporary seating in parking areas and stood on the streets surrounding the church.


Another Mass was held at 9:30 and was equally well attended.



Do Not Enter it’s New Years Eve in Kuta

Road Closures Announced for New Years Eve 2014-2015 in Kuta, Bali


A joint team of police and military personnel working to ensure Bali's New Year’s transitions peacefully from 2014 to 2015, is urging those headed for Kuta and its popular nightlife on December 31st to leave their cars and motorcycles parked at home or in areas far removed from Kuta’s festivities. reports that the chief of the Transportation and Information Communication Department for the Regency of Badung has confirmed that the following roads in the Kuta area of Bali will be closed to traffic on New Year’s Eve:

Jalan Legian

Jalan Melasti

Jalan Pantai Kuta

Jalan Bune Sari

The closure of these roads will be introduced gradually from 2:00 p.m. on December 31, 2014 and come into full effect starting at 4:00 p.m.


Vehicles trying to enter Kuta will be directed to a satellite parking area at Kenta Central Parking. Additional parking will also be available at Jalan Dewi Sri, the Krisna parking area on Jalan Sunset Road and at other locations leading to Kuta.


Police authorities are expecting a record numbers of visitors to descend on the Kuta area to celebrate New Years.



In a Holding Pattern for Landing

Bali To Accelerate Preparations For Buleleng Airport Development


The State News Agency Antara reports that plans to build an airport in the North Bali regency of Buleleng will be accelerated in 2015.


Ketut Artika of the Bali Provincial Transportation Office said, "We will accelerate preparations in all stages because the project has been included in the National Mid-Term Development Plan."


Plans are to formalize the location selection and feasibility study in 2015.


Despite reports to the contrary, Artika confirmed no final decision has yet been made on the new airport’s location, but a location in Kubutambahan in eastern Buleleng is reportedly favored.


Still to be completed is a master plan and an environmental impact study for Bali’s second air gateway.


The plan to build a new airport in North Bali is enthusiastically supported by Governor Made Mangku Pastika who sees the need for additional airport capacity in Bali and the new airport as an important economic stimulus for the Island’s North.




Justice is Blind; The Doomed are Blindfolded

Vice President: Executions of Narcotic Offenders to Go Ahead


Indonesian vice-president Jusuf Kalla has stated that the execution of narcotic offenders will be carried out in Indonesia as President Joko Widodo has ruled out any sentence remission for 64 drug offenders on death row.


Quoted by the State News Agency Antara, Kalla said on Friday, December 26, 2014, “I need to emphasize that the Government has never decided to execute anyone; the courts have decided to impose the death penalty.”


The vice-president, speaking in Aceh where he was attending commemorations of the 10th anniversary of the Boxing Day tsunami, continued, saying the president was only asked to give a sentence remission to those under penalty of death. President Widodo in taking a decision first sought input from mass Islamic organizations, such as Muhammadiyah, said Kalla.


Based on meeting with these organizations, the President was urged to allow the death sentence to be carried out because the narcotic crimes of those awaiting execution were extremely heinous.


“Therefore, because the President granted no amnesty, then automatically the request for a remission has been rejected and the executions will go ahead,” said Kalla.


Jusuf Kalla said the Islamic organizations were not alone in seeking that the death penalty be imposed on drug offenders, with most Indonesians agreeing with harsh penalties for drug offenders.



Getting into Hot Water in Bali

Hot Springs at Toyabungkah – a Popular Stop on a Tour to Kintamani and Mount Batur


One of Bali’s more unique tourism experience awaits on the shores of volcanic Lake Batur, in the shadow of still active volcano Mount Batur.


In the village of Toyabungkah on Lake Batur guests can soak in healing hot springs. The Batur Natural Hot Springs gush forth from deep inside the nearby volcanic mountain with water rich in sulfur, thought to impart good health and healing effects on all those who take time to soak.


Quoted by, the director of the Batur Village Industry, Wayan Absir, said, “mostly those who bathe at the Batur Natural Hot Spring are people seeking medical relief.”


The traditional village of Batur owns the Hot Springs. Originally a very small spring with a single outlet, professional management by the village has now established a simple pool area on the shores of the lake with accompanying changing and bathroom facilities.


Efforts to improve the site have been rewarded with a steady increase in visitor numbers, prompting the installation of an additional pool in 2014.


The cost of admission the Batur Natural Hot Springs is Rp. 60,000 (US$5) per person. An adjacent restaurant offers local food specialties, including mujair – a freshwater fish that lives in the lake.


Absir said that in high season the Hot Springs can attract as many as 5,000 visitors in a single month.


In order to attract more visitors, additional investment is needed to repair the access roads to the Hot Springs and improve parking facilities.



The Birds and the Bees in Bali

Bali Children’s Project Provides Education on Sex and HIV/AIDS


Bali Children’s Project has received a second one-year grant for educating Bali’s children in Sex Education/HIV&AIDS from the Mel Wolf Foundation.

t of US$15,000 will allow Bali Children’s Project to continue and expand its program of educating Bali’s youth about the sometime-taboo subjects of HIV/AIDS and sex education.


Teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in Bali, fueled by a boom in teenage population and little education regarding sex.

formal sex education in the current school curriculum, youngsters are left poorly armed to deal with such issues. The initiative led by the Bali Children’s Project focuses on children of age 15 years and above.


This is the fourth year for Bali Children’s Project’s Sex Ed/HIV workshops.


The targeted number of students to receive training this year is 2,400.  Aiming to spread their education over the widest possible area, the Project will visit 5 schools each in 8 regencies in Bali. At each schools a maximum of 60 students undergo training.  In order to maximize the impact of the program, the students who receive training are then urged to become student teachers in order to pass on their knowledge to classmates, with help from their teachers and BCP training materials.


In the villages where each of the schools is located, parent workshops are also held in the evenings. These workshops for 30 parents each, with 2 workshops per village area, result in a targeted 480 parents better equipped for informed and meaningful dialogue on sexual development issues with their offspring.


Equipped with fun videos, entertaining staff and a serious message - the Bali Children’s Project team is linking to schools all over Bali to deliver their message of safe sex. As the HIV rates rises among youth in Bali, the need for education also increases.


‘Without being informed about sexual education, it is difficult for youngsters to understand these issues. We want to give young people the power to make their own decisions in life," Linda Venter, director of Bali Children’s Project commented. ‘We thank The Mel Wolf Foundation for the funding that means we can continue the program in 2015’.


About Bali Children’s Project


Bali Children’s Project (BCP) is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable foundation registered in California and Bali. BCP sponsors the educational programs for hundreds of Balinese children; creates and supports kindergartens and pre-kindergartens; and provides classroom support, teacher training and special workshops for schools and villages. BCP has helped children in Bali for almost 20 years. It is dedicated to education as a means of improving the` lives of disadvantaged young people. Founded on the belief that children empowered to realize their potential, will enrich their own lives, their villages and, subsequently, contribute to the world.


Bali Children’s Project serves children throughout Bali and currently supports education completion programs for over 250 primary and high school students. Active in poor communities, BCP sponsorship programs often spell the difference between staying in school and dropping out.


For more information Bali Children’s Project Website



The Fools on the Hill

Bali Association of Travel Agent Vent their Displeasure with Kintamani and Bangli Regency Administrators


The Bali chapter of the Association of Indonesian Travel Agents (ASITA) have called on the head of tourism for Bangli Regency (Kadisbudpar-Bangli) to list their objections to the recent and very sudden increase in “retribution” charged people visiting recreation and sports areas in Bangli.


As reported on Mountain High Prices visitor tariffs have suddenly increased from Rp. 10,000 per person to Rp. 30,000.


At a meeting held on Tuesday, December 23, 2014, at the ASITA-Bali headquarters in Denpasar, senior members of the organization voiced their unhappiness with the lack of socialization to the travel industry and the general public prior to announcing the increase, and questioned the timing and basic wisdom of imposing higher fees on domestic and international tourists who are viewing many of the tourist destination in the Bangli regency with growing disfavor.


The ASITA leaders complained that the sudden increase in fees by Bangli without prior consultation with their membership is at odds with the role played by travel agents and licensed guides in Bali who are tasked by the Government to promote Bali and its many sub-destinations to foreign and domestic visitors.


ASITA told Bangli’s leaders that their members are not opposed to reasonable increases in admission and retribution fee, providing any such increases are preceded by tangible improvements in the destination and related tourism object. In the view of Bali’s Tour Agent Association, it is wrong to increase fees by 300% against some vague promise that money will be spent on improving the infrastructure.


ASITA also said that, as professional partners of Bali’s regencies in the promotion of tourism, ASITA should be granted a “contract” or special price for its members to use in promoting a destination such as Bangli.


ASITA called on Bangli’s administrators to:

Improve and repair tourism objects in Bangli.

Repair the badly damaged roadways heading towards Kintamani.

Clean up the community of Penelokan at Kintamani that is dirty and disorderly; repair sales boothsthere that are extremely dirty; repair sidewalks that are a hazard to pedestrians; and remove all obstacles including benches from sidewalks.

Repair and upgrade the WWII Japanese War Caves in the southern part of Bangli is badly kept, dirty and now used for storage by local traders.

Demolish abandoned places of business. There are a number of closed restaurants that are falling into disrepair, including Rama Restaurant, Puri Dewata, Puri Selera, Abadi Restaurant, Puri Aninditha and Januardi. ASITA says It would be better if these abandoned restaurants were demolished and turned into public parks.

Take control of the illegal reataurants built along the lakeside of the road in Penelokan that are blocking views of Lake Batur and the Batur Volcano. These building are not only an eyesore, but are at risk in the event of earthquakes and landslides.

Enforce zoning and building codes at Kintamani.

Organize and control the aggressive touts and vendors at Kintamani.

Make Bangli consistent with its claim as a conservation area by ending open excavations (Galian C). Also, make set hours for the movements of trucks carrying excavated land through Bangli.

Provide more consumer information on Bangli tourist objects.



Holiday Hampered

AirAsia Inaugural Melbourne to Bali Flight on Boxing Day 2104 Cancelled


AirAsia Indonesian X – the new low-cost long-haul Indonesian subsidiary of Air Asia Indonesia that was to commence a new flight service connecting Melbourne and Bali on December 26, 2014 abruptly canceled these flight with only one day’s notice.


The “Christmas present” from AirAsia Indonesia X was sent on Christmas Day by SMS to advise that due to "an unforeseen delay in the approval process for necessary documentation" Australian and Indonesian aviation authorities had forbidden the Airline to operate its Boxing Day inaugural flight.


Passengers who were holding tickets were told that space would be made available on later flights to Bali via a connecting flight over Kuala Lumpur. Those opting for the connecting flight would, as space became available, endure a 13-hour journey instead of the 6-hours promised on the cancelled direct service.


For many the last minute change in flights meant people would arrive in Bali at least one day late and, by several accounts, resulted in lost payments to hotels and villas. In at least one case, passengers claimed the change cause people to miss family weddings.


AirAsia Indonesia X told the press that the direct service between Melbourne and Bali would commence as soon as governmental regulatory requirements were met.



A Night Most Silent

New Zealand Woman Dies of an Apparent Heart Attack on Christmas Eve in Kuta


A 58-year old New Zealand woman has died shortly after complaining of chest pains while staying at the Matahari Bungalow on Jalan Legian in Kuta .


Gabriele Cecelia Hiria Duggan was holidaying with family members at the hotel when she suddenly fell ill at 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2014.


A grandson, Brayden Allan Robert Priest (19), alerted hotel staff to his grandmother’s condition who summoned two medical assistance team who unsuccessfully tried to revive the woman with a defibrillator. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene and her body was removed to the morgue at Bali’s Sanglah General Hospital.


The woman’s family has accepted that Duggan’s death was due to natural causes and has declined an autopsy.



We Vant Your Blood

Red Cross Blood Center at Sanglah Hospital in Desperate Need of Blood Donors


NusaBali reports that the Red Cross Blood Center at Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar is in urgent need of blood donors. Bali is in he midst of the year-end holiday period and is experiencing an acute shortage of Type “O” blood.


A spokesperson for the Blood Center said on Friday, December 27, 2014 that only one bag of Type “O” blood remained on hand due to the high demand for blood and the lower rate of donations during the holiday period.


The lack of donors this year was accentuated by the convergence of the Christmas and New Years holiday with the Balinese celebration of the Galungan-Kuningan Holiday cycle.


The public, including visiting tourists, are encouraged to come to the blood center at Sanglah General Hospital and donate blood to held alleviate the current crisis.


The Blood Center says stocks are also low for A, B, and AB blood.


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